Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Reports on Empire Seminar

The Lutheran World Federation this week issued a press release on our seminar: "Theologians Propose Responses to Counter Empire."

One of participants, Michael Hoy, offers his reflections on the seminar in "Thursday Theology #474: The Confessing Church in the Midst of Empire." Thursday Theology is part of the ministry of the Crossings Community of which Michael is a member.

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Tekagirl said...

Hey Dr. Peterson.
This really doesn't have much to do with your actual post. It's late, so I just skimmed it. I did, however, think it kind of ironic that after looking at the title, I looked at your profile, where your "industry" = "religion"
That might have something to do with how we understand (or don't) what it means to be Christian in our modern-day empire/s. =)
Hope all is well with you this summer.
Take care!
Becky Fetters