Saturday, January 13, 2007

Finally up and running!

Last spring, the students in my "Being Lutheran in America" course told me that I needed to create a blog so that I could share theological resources with them once they graduated. Since then, I have been pondering what name to give this blog. I almost went with "Blogylonian Captivity" (my spouse's contribution) but I decided that was a bit arcane. So I am calling my blog "Theology for the Church" because that describes how I understand my own call as assistant professor of systematic theology at Trinity Lutheran Seminary. The seminary's mission is to "form leaders for Christ's church at work in the world." I understand my call as teaching theology for the church, that is, to help the church reflect critically on what it believes, as it is sent out to bear witness to the gospel. So, as promised, I will post thoughts, book and article suggestions, links to resources for doing ministry and mission, and anything else I can think of that could help Trinity graduates and anyone else serving in Christ's church at work in the world!


Mary E said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! It's GREAT to see you doing this! I'll share it with our students. Blessings, Mary

Chris Scharen said...

Welcome, welcome from another blogging Lutheran theology prof. This is a facinating medium and so I look forward to learning more about you, your work, classes and Trinity generally. Mark, your president, was my bishop while going through seminary and candidacy in Montana.
Chris Scharen

Kim said...

Dr. Peterson! Woo-hoo! Welcome to the ever fast and ever moving world of blogging. Now remember...people are reading this. Hehe...:-)